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Welding Cables Exclusive

Welding cables are a major part of construction and engineering jobs. A proper use of welding cables is cut your cost dramatically and ensure safety. We are announce a wide range of welding cables a per industries requirement and standard. Our welding cables are made from high quality copper and HOFR ( Heat, Oil, Fire Resistant ) insulation. Many of our clients from corporate enjoying these since a long period.
Range for Welding cables---
    ,,,,, in copper and aluminum conductor.

             We are also manufacture and supply single and multi core rubber and textile braided cables.
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Welding Cables user manual and selecting proper size

" I need to order some welding cable for our shop, but am not sure the correct size to get. I have seen some reference charts, but would like an explanation on how to use them."

This is a common question and answered by LINCOLN ELECTRIC USA.  

"Welding cable “ampacity”, also known as current capacity or amperage rating, refers to the maximum amount of electrical current that a cable can safely conduct.  Besides the cross sectional area, other factors that impact the ampacity of welding cable are its length, ohm rating (i.e., resistance rating), temperature ratings of the insulation material and the ambient temperature. Shorter cables can carry more current than longer cables of the same diameter. Welding cable is often rated with a conductor temperature of 75°C (167° F), 90°C (194⁰F) or 105°C (221°F). While the copper wire itself can handle the high temperatures generated by higher amperages before sustaining damage, the insulation protecting them would melt. Welding cables are also often rated for an ambient temperature of 30°C (86°F). Higher ambient temperatures can reduce their ability to dissipate heat into the surrounding environment, and thus reduce their ampacity. In addition, several cables packed tightly together can also have a reduction in their ability to dissipate heat. Multiple cables should be slightly spread apart."


Selecting the Proper Size Welding Cables

Friday, July 18, 2014

Arc - welding safety tips- Becouse safety first.

A welder should wear inflammable clothes and protective gear to shield their entire body, like the following:
1. Aprons that are made from leather that is flame-resistant
2. Safety steel-toed boots, preferably high-top ones because low-cut boots and shoes puts you at a higher risk of catching slag that is hot.
3. Helmets or any other head gear to protect you from sharp and falling objects.
4. Goggles or helmets to protect your eyes from the transmission of radiant energy being emitted by the welding tool.
5. Optional earplugs or earmuffs if you are working with anything noisy or in environments that have a high level of noise; and
6. Gas masks to prevent inhalation of hazardous fumes, dust and gases because if you breathe in too much of those, they can definitely damage your lungs and give you a hard time breathing.
Did you know that if you wear dark clothes, you can be more protected from the reflection under your face shield? This is because the dark color reduces the reflection. Clothing made of wool is also preferred over clothing made of cotton because wool can resist deterioration better than cotton. Also, your pants should not have pockets on the front and should not have cuffs so that you would not catch sparks.
In addition to arc welding safety, Tips for employers:
1. The cutting machine and arc welding frames should be grounded. Inspections should be done on connections to ensure stability.
2. Any kind of operation involving arc welding should be shielded by inflammable and non-combustible screens.
3. Fire can strike anytime, so be sure to have proper fire-extinguishing equipment ready and located in easily-accessible areas for welders. Make sure that your workers know how to work the fire extinguisher.
4. Make sure there are no flammable gases or liquids near the welding areas; and
5. Make sure that the welder is working in an area that has sufficient ventilation.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Use proper Welding cable as per Job.

This is very important to use proper welding cables as per requirement. If you are using wrong cable that either you are facing breakdowns or increase in cost of investment. This is a table carrying some information to help to choose proper welding cable
       If you want more information about working of welding  cable than pl. visit this                                                                                                                                                                    

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